Showcasing the latest Irish scientific research...
...and making the vital connection between the people it directly affects
Meet the presenters...Jonathan, Aoibhinn & Kathriona

Series 3 currently in production!!

Due for broadcast in Autumn 2014, we travel to Uganda to find out about a potentially lifesaving rainwater project, highlight innovative diagnostics for pregnant women, and speak to the scientists who are planning a one-way trip to Mars!

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Series 2 Episode 7 : 7.30pm, RTE One, Friday 18th October 2013

RTE One 7.30PM, Friday, October 18, 2013

This week, Aoibhinn takes a look at the science behind running, Jonathan investigates the benefits and challenges of developing offshore wind turbine platforms, while Kathriona gets close up and personal with some mosquitoes to find out how Irish scientists are helping to eradicate Malaria…

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Series 2 Episode 6 : 7.30pm, RTE One, Friday 11th October 2013

RTE One 7.30PM, Friday, October 11, 2013

On this week’s show, Aoibhinn finds out about biomedical diagnostic devices which could transform our healthcare, Jonathan looks into the evolution of the 80s solar calculator, and Kathriona investigates a unique Irish technology which could revolutionise the way we manage our renewable energies.

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