The Science Squad – Series 3

The Science Squad is back!! From the smallest cells in our body, to the far reaches of outer space, Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, Kathriona Devereux and Jonathan McCrea return to our screens to showcase more of the exciting and innovative scientific research that is currently underway in Ireland.

With the European Space Agency launching the most ambitious civilian earth observation project to date and Irish advances in equine science set to ‘light up’ the world of horse breeding, it’s been another fascinating year for science. And scientific collaboration has never been so important or indeed lucrative. With almost €79billion of funding available to European researchers over the next 6 years through Horizon2020, it’s truly exciting to see so many Irish scientists leading the way.

This year, Aoibhinn travels to Uganda to find out about an Irish-led water purification project which could save the lives of millions, Kathriona investigates potentially lifesaving diagnosis for pregnant woman which is being pioneered in Cork, and Jonathan meets the scientists who are planning a one-way trip to Mars!

In Weird Science, Fergus McAuliffe returns to tell us about carnivorous Irish plants, magnetic flips, and tiny remnants of Cold War technology that continue to float in the skies above us even today…

The series also features incredible developments in the world of Stem Cell research, we meet the next generation of computer coding geniuses, and Jonathan goes on a date with a robot only to find out that it’s not always what you say that counts!!


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