RTE One 8.30PM, Thursday, June 28, 2012

The world has gone into information-overload in the last decade, and while this massive increase and sharing of information offers genuine benefits to society, it also poses tough new challenges. We look at how maths, computing and biology are coming together to offer potential solutions in the fight against disease, investigate innovative breeding technologies which could revolutionise the Irish Dairy Industry, and speak to the Irish researchers who are working on ways to cope with our increasing reliance on internet and mobile communication!

Part 1 : SBI

Systems Biology Ireland uses dynamic systems analysis and mathematical modelling to help in the fight against diseases such as childhood cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. They are working closely with researchers such as Cormac Taylor and Des Higgins.

Part 2 : CTVR

CTVR is one of Ireland’s largest Telecommunications Research Centres. Their research is at the forefront of the hugely significant networking and technological challenges that are currently facing Ireland the rest of the world. We look at our increasing reliance on the internet and mobile communication, and new requirements for the regulation of the spectrum which link back to the SOS signals that were sent from the Titanic before it sank 100 years ago!

Part 3 : Genomic Selection

Genomic Selection is a new technology that helps the dairy industry evaluate calves on the basis of their DNA profile, allowing breeders to predict, among other things, which animals are going to give higher milk yields in a much shorter time period than previous methods. After the United States, Ireland is only the second country in the world to introduce it. We look at methods that have been developed by Irish scientists from Teagasc that use a lower cost technology with minimal compromise in accuracy, and speak to the researcher who is aiming to make Ireland the first in the world to use genomic selection for beef cows.