RTE One 8.30PM, Thursday, July 05, 2012

2012 is a great year for science in Ireland. Dublin plays proud host to the prestigious Euro Science Open Forum 2012 and we highlight some of the fascinating science-themed events that will be taking place as part of Dublin’s City of Science this summer. We also speak to researchers who are using social networking techniques for novel global media applications, and meet the environmental scientists who are investigating how our current behaviour is detrimentally affecting our health.

For more information about all of the science-themed events running this summer check out Dublin City of Science 2012.

Part 1 : Antibiotic Resistance

Martin Cormican from NUI Galway is conducting research into the increasing amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria being discovered in our waterways. We discusses the potential impacts of this on the environment and on human health, where bacteria such MRSA no longer respond to antibiotics, and suggest ways that we might be able to combat this trend through a combination of improved wastewater management, a reduction in the over prescription of antibiotics, and a more careful and considered disposal of them.

Part 2 : Clique and Storyful

The Clique Centre in UCD is using the thinking behind social networking sites such as Facebook to explain the extraordinarily complex Data Analysis systems which they have developed. Their work has applications in global media where they are working with Irish start up companies such as Mark Little’s “Storyful”.

Part 3 : Dublin 2012: City of Science

This year, Ireland is where it’s at for science, with Dublin named as the European City of Science 2012. We highlight some of the major events that will be taking place during the Euroscience Open Forum from 11-15 July, 2012, and speak to some of the leading Irish scientists who will be involved in the events.

Dublin City of Science 2012 – Some Event Highlights

  • July 4th 2012 will go down as a historic day in science with CERN’s announcement that the “evidence of Higgs overwhelming”. But what exactly is the Higgs boson?  Why is it considered so important?  How does the LHC produce and detect it? And what is Ireland’s involvement in all this? Find out on Saturday 14th July at “Higgs: the key to understanding our universe”
  • From 5th – 14th July, theUCD Imagine Science Film Festival will showcase feature films, shorts and documentary films that incorporate accurate scientific facts into compelling visual narratives to demystify the sciences in an entertaining and engaging way.”
  • From 23rd June – 6th August, The Ark’s “Awakening Curiosity” is an interactive art exhibition for children and families, with a playful twist of science and featuring artworks that have been inspired by biodiversity and the natural world. Discover everything from floating nests built with materials scavenged from the city, to a suspended shoal of recycled metal fish and a laser animation of a snail trail.
  • From 22nd June – 8th Sept 2012, check out Hack the City at the Science Gallery, where Dublin’s citizens and visitors will be turned into scientists and research participants through the use of SmartPhones and social media.

For more information about all of the events running this summer check out Dublin City of Science 2012.