RTE One 7.30PM, Friday, September 06, 2013

The new series kicks off as Kathriona looks into the science of food, Jonathan finds out how hybrid cars can help us understand the process of inflammation, and Aoibhinn meets researchers in LIT whose next research project is headed to the International Space Station!

Part 1 : The Science of Food

Food has been long considered an art form. But for years, top chefs have also been dabbling in the world of science. Molecular Gastronomy is commonly used to describe the modern style of cuisine involving fancy foams, gels and smoke embraced by top chefs all over the world. Kathriona takes a look a look at some of the processes involved in creating the perfect plate of food, from the science labs of UCC, to the Michelin-star kitchen of Chapter One restaurant in Dublin!

Part 2 : Inflammation and Sepsis

Inflammation is currently a hot topic in the world of biomedicines, as it’s becoming apparent that inflammation is related to many different medical conditions such as sepsis, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and even obesity. Ireland is at the forefront of this new wave of research, and Jonathan investigate an international research project led by Luke O’Neill in TCD who has discovered a way to halt the damage and risk of death caused by inflammatory diseases.

Part 3 : Weird Science - Wood Frog

We all have a beating heart that keeps us alive. If your heart stopped beating that would be cardiac arrest, leading to death. But what if you didn’t need a beating heart to be alive…

Part 4 : Plants in Space

The presence of certain naturally occurring bacteria in plants has a beneficial impact on  their health and growth. Just like the way good bacteria that live within our guts help keep us healthy, these bacteria can help plants to thrive. Researchers are analysing this symbiotic relationship between bacteria and plants, in the hope of improving the process in order to use bacteria as a growth- promoting agent. Aoibhinn finds out about a research project developed at LIT which has pulled off a major international coup by being chosen to travel and be tested by astronauts on the International Space Station next April.