RTE One 8.30PM, Monday, November 17, 2014

Aoibhinn investigates an ingenious and horse-friendly Irish innovation that’s being embraced by horse breeders around the world, Jonathan looks into how new technologies could solve our imminent data storage crisis, and Kathriona finds out the latest on Global climate modelling.

Part 1 : Lighting up Horse Breeding

The Thoroughbred breeding industry operates within confines of very tight breeding schedules and racing calendars. Aoibhinn meets Barbara Murphy from UCD-spin-out Equilume who has developed an innovative piece of technology to allow horses to remain outside in the fields during the breeding season…

Part 2 : Video killed the Internet

When YouTube was launched in 2005, nobody could have predicted its meteoric rise in popularity, influence and usage. In less than a decade, viewings of videos on the site have gone from 8 million views a day to a staggering 2 billion views! Jonathan meets the scientists from Tyndall National Institute who are developing technologies to enable the information age to cope with its own success! 

Part 3 : Weird Science - Cold Wars and Copper Wires

What would happen if the world’s communications networks suddenly stopped working??? We travel back to the 1960s, to a world before satellites and on the brink of the Cold War… 

Part 4 : Climate Modelling

The weather is never far from the public consciousness; from what to wear when we leave the house each morning, to planning holidays abroad. But how has our weather changed over the last hundred years, and how will it change in the next? Kathriona meets Paul Nolan from the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) who is working with the EPA and Met Éireann to improve regional climate modelling.